airLCD is a front end for Amarok. It allows you to:

  • Control Amarok with your remote - no need for a mouse or keyboard.
  • View track information on a customizable LCD display - no need for a monitor.
  • Browse your collection and add individual or multiple tracks.
  • View the current playlist and select which track to play.
  • Shutdown your digital music centre.

The airLCD interface on a 40x4 LCD


14 June 2006

Version 0.2 released. This new version adds a menu system that allows you to browse your collection and add tracks (single or multiple), view the playlist and select a track to play, and shutdown the computer.

25 May 2006

Web site updated.

19 May 2006

First release!

Version 0.1: This initial version allows you to control Amarok with your remote and configure the LCD display to suit you.

09 May 2006

airLCD now displays the desired information from Amarok on the screen, and is completely configurable. It also reads in commands from LIRC and translates those into commands for Amarok (i.e. you can now control Amarok with your remote).

Release will be prepared soon. Just need to get some basic documentation done. Like how to install and configure.

01 May 2006

This web page created. Coding continues ...